Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


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I am really thankful for ministry in last two months. We had a great ministry and got to know many students through American CCP who came to serve us here at NEU. My highlight was 2 freshmen girls came to Christ in July!!! Their names are “Jeab” and “Loog Mhee”. They went to the Friends Forever (Unfailing Love 2010) Retreat. It made us get closer and had an opportunity to share the gospel with them. Because of a good friendship, it really helps to follow them up and they are very opened with us.

It is a privilege and challenge for me to disciple 4 girls now (Kana, Nam, Jeab and Loog Mhee). I am very excited for Christian girls’ fellowship. The goal is to help them grow more in Christ, be a part of the body of Christ, encourage and open their lives to each other. We have had this fellowship for 2 times. It was really good. We let some girls led the game, I & Sano teach them every other week. We have worship time and praising God then pray for each other. We also play buddy game in order to help them get to know each other more. Now we have 9 Christian students, and a graduated girl, “Am”, she always joins us and 2 non believers, “Ning and Im”, who are interested in Christianity and got involved with us.

As you know, we just had a Baptism on August 22nd. There are 27 new Christians who were baptized. From those number, there were 7 of NEU Christian girls!!. God bears His Fruit amazingly!! The girls were very rejoicing on that day and took lots of pictures!!!

Prayer request:
1. My intimacy with God.
2. Wisdom from God to disciple Kana, Nam, Jeab and Loog Mhee and have great relationships with them.
3. Wisdom to keep contacts with the students from CCP and how to moving forward with them.
4. Monthly support, that I will meet my goal. 31% still needed. ( People who are interested in this you can get more information via

Thank you so much for all your prayer and your support.

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