Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36



"Got to know new staff friends"

The Blessing time: Global staff Conference in Orlando July 14-21

 Thank God for the blessed time at the Global staff conference. It was such a privilege to be there. And it was also my first time in America. I am so thankful to God for this opportunity.
So, what did I get from the conference? It’s hard to begin. The theme was “Everything” and I got Everything!!! But let me try to explain being giving a summary through the conference goals J
Refuel: My soul enjoyed and was encouraged through worship time by Laura Story and teaching from God’s word by John Piper, Frank Barker and Matt Chandler. All three men gave different sermons but there were the same purpose and that is For Glorifying God.
I got picture with John Piper!

Relationship: We enjoyed breakfast and dinner with different CO franchise teams from our consulting groups. They included Memphis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Lexington, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. We had great fellowship as we shared and heard what God has done in their lives. We also prayed together for our teams. One of my favorites was learning and getting to know other international staff from Brazil and South Africa. We were even able to worship in non-English and non-Thai language.
Amazing that I met staff friends who were part of the CCP in Thailand years ago. I enjoyed and was so excited to meet them again in person. I still can’t believe it!!!

Refocus: I feel more equipped to serve Him. I am excited about our vision and I could not wait to come back to serve him. This was my high light and I have seen God confirm his calling me into my new role as a resource staff person. God has uniquely made me and called to serve in a unique way for glorifying Him.
I went to the seminar on Resource Identity, A Life giving team and about Counselor. I was encouraged to meet people who are serving in the same capacity as me.

“Everything we do, Move God Kingdom forward.”

With Resource staff friends.
Encouraging form our team:My30th Bday surprise!

Be a blessing to others: Traveling and Sharing in Atlanta, Ga. July 21-Aug 5

Praise God to use me to be bless to others. I thank God for Marc and Sherry Lewis who think and plan for me and Sano. We went to share what amazing things God has done in our lives and in Thailand. I had many great experiences in sharing in front of many people, in language that was not mine. Before sharing, I felt so nervous. I have learned to depend on the Holy Spirit and every time I shared I knew it was not me, but him.

We had the opportunity to share gospel with Thai people even we were not in Thailand!! She is a friend of Charleston staff women. We went to join their Summer Beach Project at Panama City beach.

Went to the SBP and shared
gospel with Thai friend.
Fun time at Disney World!!
Thanks friends for
supporting us to be there.
Thank God for Del and Kim Chapman who were our host family. They are super nice, sweet, served and thought for us with much love and care. We had great relationship and so encouraged to see how they love God and his words from their lives.

Also enjoy and had fun time at many places in Atlanta and visited friends who just have a baby in Wake forest, NC. It was so encouraging time with them and that town is a very peaceful place.

I thank God for “Everything”, For taking care of us in our travels, places to stay, people to meet, For his shepherding us, For protecting my health, For friends; How amazing is the love in the body of Christ, because we have the same one God, our Father I felt God use me and be blessed me so much in the States, even during travelling in the plane, I shared my faith with a Japanese woman. Thank God so much for using me for your glory.

Prayer request:     
  • Strength and wisdom to think how can I serve Him well and to think for people in our team and for their needs.
  •  My health: I still keep taking the pills for my Lupus and my kidneys.
  •  Trust God for raising support both monthly and One-time gift. God will lead people to take part in His work and for His Kingdom.
  • Please keep The Lewis and The Chapman family in your prayers. Thanks God for their love and serving hearts. Please pray for Kim, she is leading women bible study at her house. 

“Let Everything that has breath Praise the Lord!” 
Psalm 150:6

Everything we are….for His glory – our story, our vision/values, our distinctive, ect.

Everything we are doing….for His glory – on campus, individually, regionally, globally, ect.

Everything we have… surrendered to Him – this being our commitment.

                                                                                                 (Kent Bailey,Global Servant Team)