Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


Glory to God alone!

I am really eager to share this amazing story with you!

            Last month, I was having a problem with my kidneys because of the Lupus that I have for 16 years of my life! The doctor suggested that I do a Kidney Biopsy. I was scared because I have never done it before!
                  This biopsy process kept me in the hospital almost a week! Before I was able to get the biopsy, I had to get steroids for my normal Lupus treatment, which made my urine lab look normal. This caused many postponements of the biopsy. It was kind a big deal and several doctors were brought in to decide if I should do the biopsy.

                  At first, I didn’t understand why God kept me so long there. And I know that God does all things for His glory! Even though I didn't understand at first, I knew I could still trust His promises. Now I see that He used me to be his witness during that time with other patients.
                  Up until the day that I had to get the kidney biopsy, the female kidney doctor had net seemed confident that she would be able to get a biopsy easily. It was the Lord’s timing that as soon as another professional doctor came in to do the biopsy, I only had to do the biopsy one time! (Some people end up having to do it 2-3 times). Praise the Lord!!! I have seen very clearly God’s will and his perfect timing and he gives the best things to his children!

                  God also used this situation to impact one family who had a family member also waiting for a kidney biopsy like me. God showed them how amazing His love was toward me during this situation. They said, “ God is amazing!” and God prepared the best doctor for you! So I had the opportunity to share the gospel with them even more. They are very interested in God and would like to go to the church at their hometown.

                  The light of God has come to this family. Please pray for the old lady that God will cure her kidneys and more than that, their sins will be cleansed also. Praise the Lord! That all I can say!!

Praise the Lord for 12 students and one family got baptized this year!
Please continue to pray for them to walk firmly in their faith and we trust and would love to see God lead more guys in the next year!

God’s love shining through Pia & Top’s Wedding!
                  Thank God for the privilege of using me in this beautiful bride’s life while she studied in University. She loves the Lord and has a great influence in our community team at church. Please pray for their new role as husband and wife and that God will be their center of their lives. May God bless this new family!

Prayer requests:
1.     All our staff as they recruit for the “New Year New You Retreat” on January 7-10, 2015. Pray that God will lead many guys and girls to come.
2.     Please continue to pray for my health – that God will heal my Lupus.
3.     Please pray for a girl named “ Phang". She has had Lupus for 2 months. She is a believer and has known Jesus Christ for 3 years. She is from another church. Thank God for the great opportunity to get to know her and that I can pray for her health and encourage her in the Lord. Pray for her entrance exam for KKU next year and pray for her family. Her parents don’t like that she believes in God.

4.Pray that God will meet all my need of raising support.

Thank you so much for being a part of our ministry and saving the lost people in Thailand. Your prayer and support are very valuable and huge blessing for us!

Love & Pray,