Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


“Visit my family”

I went to visit my family in Udon on April 8-11 before the Song kran festival or Thai New Year (Most people will visit their families and this festival is to throw water on each other). I had a good time with them and had an opportunity to share the gospel and my testimony to my cousin named “Cherry”. She’s a third year of Math major.

And I gave little Christian tracks and wrote letters to share about God and encouragements to my grandparents, my aunt, my sister and Cherry. I used to share how I became a Christian to my grandfather but he didn’t listen to me but he really got angry at me. So I changed to write the letter to him instead!

Prayer requests:
1.       My family will come to know God. He will open their hearts (Ezekiel 36:25-26).
2.       My mom will think more about God because she watched the Hope DVD 2 times!(It is a DVD about summary story of God from the bible).
3.       Staff retreat “SOR” (summer of renewal) on April 23- May 8. God will refresh us spiritaully and prepare us for the ministry next semester.
4.       My raising support. Remaining about 20 %.
"Thank you for your prayer and your support."

“Thai Summer Project –Real Life”

     Thank God for raising money for the TSP. The NEU team, we helped by selling second hand stuff at the lake. Many students brought some clothes, shoes, etc. for us and some of them helped us sell it. We baked some cakes and sold them on campus. We also sold sweet tea (Brandon help us for this), washed cars and cleaned Blaa’s bookstore. This was a great opportunity to do ministry and for Christian students to learn about unity and helping each other. But finally God met our need. We know God already prepared money for us. Thank God for all the supporters who helped us to go to TSP at Baptist Pattaya this year!

     Praise God for 9 new believers from this TSP. It was super encouraging!! I helped think for the non Christian group. There were 12 non Christian students. We had lots of good discussion time which gave us an opportunity to hear what they think about God and other spiritual things. How amazing it was to see God lead them to faith in Christ!!!

     We also volunteered to clean the church in Pattaya near the place we stayed. How encouraging it was to see other brothers & sisters in Christ and how they are serving the Lord and doing His work. I was able to see how the gospel is being spread and how many people in Pattaya are hearing about Christ.

              “Greater things are yet to come. Greater thing are still to be done in this city.”                                                      
                Greater things are still to be done in Pattaya city and Khon Kaen city too. 
Prayer request: 
1. Greater intimacy in my relationship with God.
2. Spiritual wisdom to lead Christian girls. They are Kana, Nam, Loog Mhee and Ning. (please pray for Jiab, She has lots of problems and now she is in her hometown, away from the Body of Christ.)
3. All of the Christian students will grow up with God and leave everything to follow Christ.
4. American CCP from Lexington coming to help the NEU ministry. And we will know lots of guy & girl freshmen students.

“Thank you for your prayer and your support.”

"In the past semester"

In January last semester we had an evangelistic retreat called “One day trip” We went to Udon. The place called Phu foi lom. A sophomore girl named “Ruk” came with me and when we came back to Khon Kaen, we had an opportunity to study bible once a week together. She never thought about who created the world or if God is real but she said “It’s easy to believe God is real more than believing there is no God” She doesn’t realize how awful the results of sin are because she is kind of a good girl. She believes in doing good and is not sure if Jesus is the only way to help her.
Please pray for her that God will open her eyes to see the truth and she will think more about God. And for the next semester that I could go deeper in our relationships and have more conversations about God.

              “Thank you for your prayer and your support.”