Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


Season Change Year!

From NEU to KKU- New role New team, New Group (Community Team), New house , new roommates!!!

            From last February that we had all staff assessment. We have seen clearly from God and He leads us From NEU to KKU. God called me to serve as a financial in resource team. It was a right time of God because a staff women “Rung” who works before me, she  got married and move to Chaingmai. So we need person to do this role and it was not just this reason but God has shown me this called is fit to my vision, design and health. And the leader was agree with me and he thought it is going to be a great changing year for me.  God will expand me and will be fruitful so much and the following years. I also helping students transition and reading the book about counseling and can help Christian girls in the future.

      Just really excited and so challenging to me with everything new changing God has given me in this year!!!

"Learning to do financing with Rung
before she move to Chiang Mai."
 "My new office with Earn"                                                                                                                 

 Social time with Community Team (CT). They came to pray for us at our new house.

 "Roommates night with Kade, Sano,Jelly( pink shirt) and Aw."                            
What I enjoy the most now or what am I learning from God.

“Serving is a high calling”

It was hard for me in the first time when I was transfer from Campus staff to work in resource team. I felt I was not the part of ministry and not important and nobody had seen me what am I doing or serving them. It is work behind. But I was very wrong. When I want people see me what am I doing, it’s mean I was serving myself not God.  Want to see my own fruits and my successful not for God’s glory. God has shown and opened my eyes to see the truth and from the body of Christ who is encouraging to me.

Now I felt free from that lie what I believe and just focus on myself. I felt privileged even on campus staff for 5 years or now serving as a resource team.  It is Privileged God called me to serve Him in this role and to be humbling serving like Jesus. Serving is a high calling. Jesus came to this world for serving. I would like to be like him.  Now I am enjoy serving and would like to be His instrument and get ready whatever God desire me to do.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."                       

                                                                                                      Mark 10:45


-        We had 2 American ccp teams come to serve ministry here. They were from CO Memphis and CO Birmingham.

Birthday Surprise at Science Faculty

-     I went with the 2-3 times a week helping key students and ccp students get to know new freshmen and translate for them.
Visit NEU Christian girls
-         Kana is participate in ministry at Science team, KKU 
and will transfer contacts to Sano before she is moving to Chiangmai in August.

-         Help students are going to graduated Dao and Praw.

-         Even I move to KKU but still meet Loogmee,Gip and Yui once a week. Loogmee is leading Gip in Bible study this year and she will meet Apple (Bobby’s niece now she is studying at NEU) she wants to have good relationship with Apple and this is good opportunity that she start to has her own ministry this semester.

-         Thanks for Nong and Kade. They got job as teachers at Christian school and Ice is a teacher assistant at the place called Kumon at Complex, KKU. She wants to work near KKU because she still would like to get involved in the ministry.

Praying for:

-         Wisdom to serve God and still learning about my new role.
-         My health. I am doing well now. But I need to take pills for my Lupus and kidneys curing every day. Please pray specifically that God will protect me from any infection.
-         CO Global Conference time and Raising support in the State on July 14-Aug 5 this year. I trust God it will be blessed time for us and we will be blessed to others there. And God will meet my goal both monthly and one –time support. 

These are my and Sano schedule in the state: 
July 14-21: Co conference in Florida
July 22 : Panama city Summer beach Project
July 23-24: Georgia  , Speak  with youth group of Salem Church.
July 25-27: North Carolina , Visit David - Holly  family.
July 28: go to Bethany Church and sharing .  lunch with sherry  family (may be or cook out)
July 29: GO to NCF in GG , lunch with Bob and Courtney , Cook out with one family.
July 30: Free day ; Dinner with Slade Family.
July 31: Free day : Sharing with  Baptist Church evening.
August 1: Free day : Evening cook for Host family
August 2: Free in morning and go lunch and Stone mountain.
August 3: Sixflag Park
August 4: Sharing with South point Church.
August 5: Go back to Thailand.

"Thank you for your love and Support"