Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


Jan-Mar 2014 Newsletter

“Good Busy”

If I summarized what happened in my life over the past over 2 months, I would say it was a “good busy”. After I recovered from the drilling procedure on my hips, I had a lot of administrative work to catch up on in the Campus Outreach office. I am really thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ who were able to help me during that time.

“Good busy” in January

Resource Team Retreat  : We had our 1st resource team retreat in Korat province for 3 days. It was a really blessed time. We evaluated and planned for the whole year. We set goals about what we would like to see God do in us, and ways to help the team. I really enjoyed when we shared some strengths and weaknesses of each team member. It may have been a little awkward initially, but it helped each of us see how we can better serve the team. We also came up with our theme for the year: “IF” (Initiate & finish well) inspired by Philippians 1:6. We would love to see God help us initiate to serve, think for, and look for the needs of the team and all staff.  We also want to follow up and help the staff finish their responsibilities well.
Resource Team at retreat

Special time with my family : My mom and my step dad came to visit my sister and me for about one month. I travelled with them to many places in Thailand. It was fun and we had good quality time together, but it was difficult when I talked about faith in God. I’m thankful I had opportunities to share with them about God’s creation.

                                       Trip with family                  Went to New Mercy house’s opening day

“Good busy” in February

We had a Valentine’s day service where we shared about being blessed, even in singleness. This service was for our college students as well as the community team.

Activities with Nonmung : There was a Mission team from the USA to help us with our community ministry for about 10 days.

Transition group : I am excited for these girls who are going to graduate soon. I have been challenged in how to think for them after they graduate. We had a time of fellowship in order to encourage them and give them an opportunity to build relationships with one another before they transition to the community team at church.

                          Time with Transition girls              Kent and Jo Bailey came to encourage us.

English camp recruitment party: Below you’ll see we are all excited for English camp in June-July. It will last about 1 month. Now we have over 50 students to apply for this camp. Praise The Lord! This is new for us because the university calendar in Thailand is changing and will be the same as the US schedule. They will have a 5 month summer break (March-July) so we planned this summer camp so that the American CCP can help us meet students and jump start our ministry.


“Good busy’ in March

TSP 2014!!!  : The first 2 weeks were in Khon Kaen. There were about 30 Christian students involved this year. We had 3 project leaders: Arm, Joy and Waan. This was a really good opportunity to begin their time on staff. Praise the Lord for calling them to be full-time laborers here in KK. They had opportunities to teach, help and think for the room leaders and the other Christian students. The TSP theme was “Possible”. The first 2 weeks we mostly had training, team time and we worked on projects for the church. We learned a lot about vision and passion.


How was the time in Chiang Mai for 2 weeks?
We were really glad to meet the CM team again! We thank God for them and praise the Lord for how faithful and sweet He has been to prepare everything they need there. I really like the location of the CO student center because its really close to the campus.

During the two weeks in Chiang Mai, we learned more about missions and applied what we learned by serving the CM team and helping them take surveys on campus. This was one of our main goals. We were able to get to know students at several faculties, observe where the students like to go and what they like to do, and learn what the Northern culture and lifestyle looks like?
This was great for our Christian students to learn to depend on the Holy Spirit. Most of the students admitted they were afraid to meet other students on the campus. They thought the staff were better equipped because we were more advanced and more experienced. But, this is not true, it’s all of our privilege to be a part of God’s mission. God can use anyone, not just campus staff! If we have vision and passion like Jesus, the mission will flow out from our hearts and our lives.

One of our purposes was to encourage the CM team, but I was greatly encouraged by them. God is teaching each of them in different ways. Though they are still in the same country, they are in a new culture and need to learn many new things as they seek to give their lives away.  I thank the Lord for their lives. I can see how faithful He has been to prepare everything that they need there. All things are Possible!

Please Pray for:
-       Our Staff training that’s coming soon! April 21- May 9th.

-       Preparing for my workshop for English camp. My responsibility is to teach basic grammar. I’m excited!

-       Chiang Mai staff as they follow up students we helped to meet.

-       My financial support, both more $ 300 monthly and $2000 one-time. You can give through giving online: And the 4 new staff who are also raising support.

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

 Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support”

Love and Pray,

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