Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


Honey's Newsletter ( March & April'15)

        We had an event called “Open House” to recruit students for our COSC . Thank you for all your prayers. It went very well, and praise God, for many students decided to sign up at that day. More girls than guys ;) We trust and would like to see more guys to join the camp!

        Last year I did the Basic Grammar workshop. This year is Baking workshop. I am very excited for that!!!! I know there are many details or lot of work to prepare but it is going to be fun!
"Baking Workshop presentation"
Songkran festival
        We had Songkran at our church. It celebrates Thai new year and also is a time to respect our older people. At that day we asked the older people at our church to sit and we showed them love and respect by pouring the water on their hands and saying a blessing. I think this is a beautiful picture of relationship and community at our church.
"Community team Songkran activities"
"Galatians bible study group"
My personal learning
         I am having a  bible study in Galatians. I really love this bible study. This book points us to the real gospel. Paul helped the the Galatians to understand the real meaning of the gospel, that salvation only comes through believing in Christ. Not by following the law. And we can't follow the law and gain our salvation by ourselves. Through Jesus we are free from the control of the law and we are the children of God! Salvation is not only for the Jews, but for anyone who will believe in the gospel.
         For myself I have felt so thankful for the abundance of God grace and His promises for us. I have learned to hold tight to His promises and my identity that is already in Christ. This helps me to walk in my daily life with him!
        A gift-promise needs only to be believed to be received, but a law-wage must be obeyed to be received.
        The law shows us as we really are. And  so the law points us to see Christ as He really is: our Savior, the One who obeyed the law on our behalf and then died in our place so that we might receive the promised blessing. The law allows us to love Jesus, and enables us to show our love in grateful obedience to Him.
"Galatians for you"
"Sunday Songkran at Church"
New Friend!!!        
         Thank God for a new friend. Her name is Pboon. She just opened her own shop in my neighbourhood and not far from our Church. Her place is named
Grow Juice Bar & cafe. I went there and got to know her. We are the same age and get along well. I had an opportunity to tell her that I am a Christian and our church is near here.
    I would like to keep a relationship with her and hope she will come visit church.  Some of our church members and I went there for fellowship and to have bible study. Maybe this will be good opportunity for her to see christian’s life. Please pray for her!
"Community girls team time"
Prayer requests:
- Wisdom and strength for our COSC preparation. It's coming!
- My health. Now I am just taking 2 pills per day for the Lupus.
- My Raising support. Trusting God for $ 200 more in monthly support.
Thank you so much for being a part of our ministry and saving the lost people in Thailand. Your prayers and support are very valuable and huge blessing for us!
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