Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


"In the past semester"

In January last semester we had an evangelistic retreat called “One day trip” We went to Udon. The place called Phu foi lom. A sophomore girl named “Ruk” came with me and when we came back to Khon Kaen, we had an opportunity to study bible once a week together. She never thought about who created the world or if God is real but she said “It’s easy to believe God is real more than believing there is no God” She doesn’t realize how awful the results of sin are because she is kind of a good girl. She believes in doing good and is not sure if Jesus is the only way to help her.
Please pray for her that God will open her eyes to see the truth and she will think more about God. And for the next semester that I could go deeper in our relationships and have more conversations about God.

              “Thank you for your prayer and your support.”

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