Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


Honey's Newsletter

How am I doing?      " Walk by Faith"
             In the past year God used many situations to taught and increase my faith in Him so much. I would like to continue to learn about Faith more and more. So Walk by Faith is my theme this year! 
It was encouraging to me from Mathew 8:5-13 “The faith of a Centurion” He asks Jesus just only say the word and his servant will be healed. Jesus was surprised!!! And Jesus said “Truly I tell you, with no one in Israel have I found such faith” So I would like to learn to have faith in Jesus like the Centurion and I would like God will surprise and say to me like that too. Even I don’t know or many things are unseen now I will trust in God. I don’t know how is my future, my family, ministry, disciples or raising support going to be but I will put my faith in Him.
How am I with my disciples?       “Love like Marathon”                                                                 
                God has showed me his endurance and how He loves me so much through dicipling girls. I
have learned to lead them not only love but endurance love. I just think about the picture of marathon. “Love like Marathon” Because marathon runners need to be patient , use long time to go, use all your energy, motivate yourself and move forward to reach the goal! Same as to disciple the girls. We need to have enduring love, pray and wait until to see them grow up with Christ.
"Visited Yui'shometown"
My disciples are doing well and growing up.Now I am helping them to focus on their relationship with God and God is their master. It is hard also sometime; you know they just want to do what they want. But thank God for your grace for us. Please pray for them being rooted and grounded in His love. Ephesians 3:16-21
"Visited Khon Kaen school for the Blind"

How am I with non-believers? “Instrument of God”                                                                   

                The ministry is quiet and slow in this semester. I have not had many students to hang out with. But I try to go deeply and share the gospel with all the girls whom I follow up now. I felt discouraged because they seem not hear when I shared the gospel with them. From their perspective, knowing the Gospel was necessary for their lives. Oh God, lead me to share the gospel more and with the people who you provide for me, I would love to be your instrument. Please use me, I prayed to God like this. Praise God for his faithfulness. I had an opportunity to share the gospel with a freshmen girl named “Am”. Now, she would like to learn more about why Jesus is the only way to save her from sin. I gave her the Bible and suggested what books she should read. Please pray for God will open her eyes, her heart to see and touch the love of what Jesus did for her. Praise God for using me to be His instrument for the other life!
Please pray for: 
1.        I am seeking God right now for wisdom about how to serve Him in light of my health needs due to having Lupus.  Please pray that God would give me peace, and guide my directors as we discuss what role in CO is a good fit for me and allows me to take care of my body. 
2.       Kana, who I discipled for the past 3 and ½ years is going to be a CO staff with the CO Chiangmai team. I am excited for her and for what God is going to do in her life.  Please pray for her. She quit the job and going to join TSP on March then going to be a ccp in Malaysia for 3 weeks and after that prepares to move to Chiangmai and also her raising support.
3.       Thai summer project on March 11-31 here in Khon Kaen and the Thai ccp team to Malaysia on April 12-30!        So excited for 14 leader Christian guys and girls are going to do the ministry and share the gospel there.
Praying for TSP's students
Thai CCP'2013
4.       My raising support. For monthly support I still need to raise $ 300 more, and I especially need to raise $ 2500 one -time for the Global conference at Orlando in July is coming ( Trust God for 5-10 people for this amount).  I am learning to be blessing to others through raising support and hope the people who would like to be a part of what am I doing will be blessed too.
Please e-mail if you, or someone you know, is interested in supporting me monthly, or giving towards the one time need for the Global staff conference. 
Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support.




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