Romans 11:36

Romans 11:36


The First Semester Ministry update / Part 1

How’s the Friends forever retreat in September 2012?

We just finish our retreat at Khoa Yai last September 1-3.  41 students went with us, there were 16 guys and 25 girls. We focused on making deep relationships with them and the purpose was making interest and let them think about the question: “Who are they?” We watched the video and had discussion group about: Who are we? Where do we from? Do you believe you are God’s creation? They have no idea about God creating them before. These made them think more about their lives. Many of them want to learn more about God and some of them are still confuse and some didn’t believe.
My high light was the Christians students who shared about God with non believers who stayed in the same room. And they also had responsibilities for activities too. They did a good job for MC, games and skit but need to develop in some area to help them do betterJ
Please pray for:
1.      Please pray for these 2 girls. They are sisters. Their names are Yui and Oui. They study Computer Engineering, 3rd and freshmen year. They went to the retreat with us. I am really excited because they are interested in God. They really opened their hearts and shared lots what they think. They thought Buddhism can’t help and change them and they believe God exists. Now they would like to learn more about God.

2.      Bom and Miw. They are freshmen accounting girls. They are interested in reading the Bible.

3.      And please continue to pray for Nuch and Pui. We study bible for 2 times. I felt that they understand God just for knowledge. They said “they felt good that Jesus die for them but they seem not realize about how awful of the result of sin.  Please pray God will open Himself to them.

4.      My raising support. God will meet my goal by this year. I am excited about this. It is going well and I pray and waiting for my ccp friends who help with this. I am praying for one time gift and about $100 more a month in financial support.

Thank you so much for prayer and support.

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